“I love going up to the Margalla Hills whenever I can. It always disappoints me to see all this litter and filth. I somehow expected more from the Islamabad crowd to keep these places of natural beauty clean. Is this the image we want to be showing to the tourists who visit?”

Mehwish Hayat shares on Twitter the unending problem of littering at tourist spots.

“This was such a fulfilling experience! The character of Mir Farooq Zaman was a tricky one, it was also sensitive and negative in its own way but am glad you all liked and appreciated my work,”

Adnan Siddiqui shares thanks with his Instagram fans over the great success of his show Yeh Dil Mera.

“I always say men have feelings too. They get hurt, even if they don’t cry. They have a heart too,”

says the very-trolled actress Hira Mani on the news of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh’s suicide and the wave of mental health awareness campaigns that followed.

“He was one those legendary, iconic figures that left a mark in every Pakistani’s life. What a host, what a legend, what a beautiful human, elevating his guests and audiences alike. Grew up listening and watching him giving away water coolers and washing machines in Neelam Ghar with so much respect and humility. Thank you for enriching my childhood, for instilling these values, and for setting a mark like no other,”

writes Ayesha Omar condoling the death of veteran TV show host Tariq Ali, another tragic news that shakes the industry.