starring Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider


The nation’s beleaguered movie theaters, shuttered in March by the novel coronavirus, left the moviegoers eagerly waiting for some of the year’s most anticipated movies. With such eagerness already in the air, a recent photo of Sonya Hussyn that went viral, with the actress dressed in a colourful lehenga choli, looking like a Rajasthani warrior princess, left the crowd more agitated. Initially, it was being assumed that the actress is starring in an upcoming movie based on honour killings. But when the teaser was released a few days after, it was revealed that the picture was from Shani Arshad’s upcoming music video directed by Nabeel Qureshi. The song is titled as Ki Jana and is based on Baba Bulleh Shah’s Kalam, Ki Jana Main Kon. The video will be featuring Sonya Hussyn alongside Mohsin Abbas Haider and according to the director; the video is based on honour killings as the description of the video reads, “There is honour in love, not in killing.”

Haniya Aslam releases her “minstrel song”, Ayi Re

The soulful singer of the Zeb and Haniya duo, Haniya Aslam, recently released her new track titled, Ayi Re. The song starts with a jazzy guitar playing in the back with Haniya’s soft vocals doing their magic, while the music video is animated and makes you feel like a happy wanderer. Talking about her song, Haniya wrote a caption on her social media that read, "This is my minstrel song. It's a result of two decades of following the call of music and letting it take me wherever. Countless journeys, drives, flights, cities, friendships later I've returned home, but the adventure is far from over. This is simply the beginning of a whole new journey. And I can't wait to see where we go from here."

Hadiqa Kiani pays tribute to Dirilis: Ertugrul with Sen Aðlama

The Turkish drama serial, Dirilis: Ertugrul, enthralling in Pakistan has managed to make the bond between Turkey and Pakistan even stronger. And adding a cherry on top of the Pak-Turk bond is our songstress Hadiqa Kiani, who paid a tribute to the cast and crew of Ertugrul by singing a Turkish song titled Sen Aðlama, dedicated to the show. The singer shared the song on her Twitter along with a caption that read, “In 2005, I had the honour of singing the Turkish song Sen Aðlama at the AKM Opera House. Today, I have remastered that song as a tribute to Ertugrul series, Sezen Aksu & to the people of Turkey. May our love and bond be forever strong.”