Online schooling for children is such a messy idea. I am thinking of taking my kids out of school to avoid paying hefty fees on a monthly basis. Is this a good idea?

Online schooling is the new normal. It always takes time to adjust to things but that doesn’t mean you pull your children out of school. This struggle is as real for the teachers and the school administration. Schooling does bring with it discipline and inculcates social behaviour in children, it’s important that the child learns this discipline through a proper institution.

My kid hates art and craft and for the life of me, I cannot get him to do it but schools complain and enforce the idea of him taking keen interest in something he doesn't like. I personally don't understand the concept of needing a child to be good at everything. How do I communicate this to the school?

All children are different, their strengths are different and so are their weaknesses. Channelise activities that you kid enjoys and give him skills that will stay with him forever. Help him with arts and craft, he may not be the best at it but it’s a skill so he should know about it.

How do I tell my superiors that I need better briefings to properly execute without making them angry?

You must speak to them directly about this matter. Don’t make it sound like a mistake on their part but do bring it up diplomatically with them and see how you both can work together on this matter. If you aren’t direct with your superiors, it will affect your performance and will not reflect well on your part.

My parents are forcing me to opt for medical even though I know they won't let me practice it or study further. I would rather do something from which I can work from home or freelance in the future to secure a source of income. I'm very confused about my preferences and interests. What kind of bachelors could I pursue?

You must listen to your heart, it’s always sensible to pick a career that you can pursue from home and more importantly a career that you would enjoy. You should look into career options that you find intriguing, that you want to learn more about and are interested in.

I have two jobs and studies but I cannot manage all of it together anymore. I need to quit one thing and I cannot decide if I should quit my job or take a semester break. Which would be better from a learning POV?

You should quit one job and see if that works. In case that doesn’t work for you then I suggest you quit both your jobs and focus on your studies. •