I am 28 and a mother of two. I am very lean and have tried many diet plans to be healthy and put on some weight but nothing works. Please suggest me any supplement and diet plan to gain weight.

Focus on your portions for now. Increase them gradually. Make sure you are eating more than you burn every day. You won’t need any supplement if you will be able to fix your diet.

My throat feels weird and tight and I am getting excessively nauseous. Could this be an allergic reaction to something?

It might be. You should immediately consult a doctor first.

Do hair and skin vitamins work? They're very expensive so I want to know if it’s worth it before I make the purchase.

They do, but if your diet is full of junk, then they won’t. Interestingly, you don’t need any supplements if your diet is healthy.

I can't get myself to work out these days so I am thinking of investing in a stationary bike. I love spinning and might be a good way to get myself to move. Is spinning a good enough workout for a 20-something year old?

Spinning is good and light on your joints too. You should consider buying a bike, and gradually start strength training too. A combination of both would lead you to a fit and healthy body.

I am 30 and even something as little as three flights of stairs makes me breathless. I need to change my lifestyle. What should I do?

It’s high time you start working out and make some healthy lifestyle changes. Your body is losing muscle now. And if you don’t do anything to retain or build it daily; your health will suffer eventually.