My 12 year old bites her nails and I cannot help her get rid of this habit. Nothing has worked so far. What should I do?

Biting nails often has roots in early childhood. It is a coping mechanism for some children and for some it comes from unresolved childhood fixation. For your child, you can offer her vegetable sticks, chewing gums and water whenever she starts to bite her nails. You can observe the triggers as well. What kinds of situations make her bite her nails more. Offering physical and emotional comfort may ease the habit of nail biting during stressful times. If the problem still persists, please visit an occupational therapist.

I am corona positive and in isolation. It's so hard dealing with this state of fear and anxiety while I am cooped up all alone. How do I cope?

You are going through physical and emotional isolation right now. Keeping a positive mindset at this time will help you recover faster. You will heal faster if your mind is calm and is focused on getting better. Stay connected to your loved ones online. Follow all the professional medical advice. A vast major of Covid positive patients recover on their own without medical intervention. At this stressful time, stick to mental thoughts that make you happy such as happy times from the past. Avoid going through negative news on social media about the pandemic. Wishing you a complete recovery.

How do I manage work stress without having a breakdown? I need my job but it's driving me mad.

You can help yourself by making a list of five things that you dislike about your job. See if any of the things can be changed or worked around. Also look at the positive things about your work. You are doing this job because you need it right now. Positive self talk regarding this can alleviate your stress. You always have the option of looking for other avenues if your stress level is unmanageable. Try short meditation exercises like mindful deep breathing to reduce your stress levels every day. Maintain a journal related to your working hours to see a pattern of events, workload and work related social interactions that bother you. Your awareness about the real problem can bring a positive shift in how you manage and experience work.