Reality Z

  • 27 Jun - 03 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

In 2008, Charlie Brooker created the miniseries Dead Set, where zombies invaded the reality series Big Brother, putting the housemates in the position of having to band together to survive. Years later, there’s a Brazilian remake of the series, Reality Z, which ups the ante with a sillier reality premise. As we all know now, zombie apocalypses and pandemics spread in very similar fashion, which is quickly. So, by the end of the first episode, many of the characters we’ve already been introduced to are dead. And, while we got to know Nina a bit, we don’t have much insight into any of the other characters, especially the contestants in the house. The idea is that Nina and the contestants are going to fight the zombies, for audiences at home, at least those who have survived. But there are so many threads that are barely explored by the time the zombies overtake the studio that it’s hard to figure out just what is going on. It starts in an apartment where a woman has to lie to her son that she’s watching a reality series. But when she turns to the channel, we see what the show is all about. It’s a reality series along the lines of Big Brother. A group of strangers live in a house-like TV studio, except with this show, all the housemates have to dress and act like Greek gods. Outside the house, there’s going to be a big elimination episode, where three housemates are up to get the ax via the voice of ‘Zeus’ – actually, Brandão (Guilherme Weber) the executive producer. Yes, zombie shows are largely ensembles, which tend to show different situations unfolding at different locations. But, with the idea of the reality show studio being one of the last bastions of safety against the biters, why was there any need to introduce any other characters? That’s what has us scratching our heads.