Atiqa Odho In A Dilemma

The only sentence she has been listening to for the last six years is: Adalat barkhast kee jati hai!

The gorgeous Atiqa is absolutely frustrated with this long-drawn-out court case that was pinned to her person, when she was reported to have been carrying two wine bottles on a flight from Islamabad to Karachi, on June 5, 2011… well, not exactly. After two days of this reported incident, suddenly, the much headlined ex-Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, sat up in his bed with such an audible “Oye!” on the morning of 5th June, that the echo reverberated throughout the hallway of his ground floor. When the family members from downstairs ran up to find out what had happened, the man simply took suo moto!

No, no, that’s not Alka-Seltzer. Taking suo moto notice means judge notes any incident, and asks the person involved to defend himself or herself in the court.

That was then, this is now. Yes, from June 2011 to November in 2017, for over six years, this matter of has been running in the lower courts. And that too, a slow grind of 400 metres race that could kill the hazireen with pure boredom. And then they fish out a mahavra like old wine in new bottles. I think bottlenecks in the court case would be more appropriate. Tareekh pe tareekh… and even then, the same disgusting line: court is adjourned. This week, too, the court rejected Atiqa’s request to multavi the hearing. But, Atiqa, please don’t whine… I mean sabr karo. Things will be pegged back.