Queer Happenings In Showbiz

What’s with stunning Reham Khan squirming in a shuttlecock burqa, and young and ebullient Hania Amir harassing a passenger in a flight, some weird incidents came to fore last week. After that, though, Reham is now fighting the case of a female victim, and chiding her ex-hubby, Imran Khan, and his party, Tehreek-e-Insaf. So, the shuttlecock diplomacy is off! But, for one second, she got me thinking she is joining the Red Mosque brigade. I would like to mention another head-to-toe covered biz personality this very week. That’s film and TV actress and compére, Noor Bukhari, who is in abaya now, after getting depressed on her talaq; even though it’s a late reaction, but she says she is turning towards religion for a spiritual calm. As for the dimpled teenager, Hania, the girl caught a back-seater unawares, in a plane. You can say Hania ne hawai jahaz mein aik passenger kee hawaiyyan ura deen! Well, actually, she showed the poor chap without an aisle seat her mobile’s mobility. Before she trained her cell on him, he was probably thinking of taking a selfie with the star. Afsos ke her mobile stuck to him as if with the elfy! Now, hosh aaney par, she has apologised for her mischief.