While each season has its own list of wardrobe must-haves, the rule for winter is pretty simple: you have got to keep it comfortable yet stylish. Before you prepare for a shopping spree, it’s essential you go through your wardrobe to see whether there are any alluring pieces you can reuse this season. Here’s a list of winter wardrobe essentials you definitely ought to have.

Cashmere sweaters

For an effortlessly chic outfit, don’t forget to complete your look with a cashmere sweater. This versatile piece is easy to dress up if you have an exciting day planned out. At the same time, cashmere sweaters also pair well with casual items such as leather pants, printed trousers and flowy skirts. Opt for striking shades of pink or red if you want to brighten up your outfit or go for a timeless gray if you’d rather tone it down.


They’re stylish, warm and are bound to look trendy with any outfit you’re planning to wear. You can choose between ankle or long boots depending on the outfit you have chosen. Ankle boots look great if styling a dress over a pair of jeans or are ready to bring out your bomber jacket. On the other hand, long boots look great if you’re trying to keep it minimal. Knee-high boots pair well with everyday skirts, leggings, jeans and trousers.

Skinny jeans

When in doubt, opt for the incredibly versatile pair of skinny jeans. Use it to create a streamlined silhouette that will make it easier for you to layer multiple items on top. You can top it up with a leather jacket, funky books or perhaps rock an incredibly stylish overcoat for a more flattering look. While you can choose from a myriad of colours, we suggest you opt for darker colours that will complement your warm winter wardrobe.


Beanies are a popular winter wardrobe staple that you need. Sure, you may have to sacrifice your hairstyle but the soft material will keep your ears and head warm, making sure you are all snuggled up for winter. Beanies allure a street-style edgy look but if you’re clever, you can also pull it off with a more sophisticated ensemble.

Blanket wrap scarves

Who doesn’t like getting all bundled up for the winter season? Well now, you can look effortlessly stylish as you sip your warm cup of coffee. Blank wrap scarves are a must-have winter accessory that you can wear in practically any way you want. Either wrap it around multiple times or carelessly throw it over your shoulder for extra warmth.

Neutral bag

A neutral top handle bag is just what you need to add an extra flair to your outfit. Ditch your usual black bag and opt for a flattering neutral option instead. You can also opt for warm shades of burgundy or stick to classics such as beige and whites to spruce up your overall look. From nudes to grays, shop around for the perfect bag that will amp up your winter wardrobe style.

Puffer coat

Puffer coats are back in style this season! For extra measure choose a waterproof coat that will do a better job in handling the cold breeze. You can either opt for a lightweight or heavy-duty option depending on your lifestyle. A short, lightweight puffer coat is sufficient enough during most winter days, though a heavy-duty one would be better for much colder days.

Suede and velvet pumps

While they are not as practical as your regular pair of boots, velvet and suede pumps are trending this season. These pumps will look great on a nice sweater or over jeans. While stilettos are a safe fashion option, rounded toe heels are in style right now since they are much easier to walk in. However, if you’ve perfected the art of walking in heels, go right ahead.

Midi coats

Midi coats pair well with knee-length dresses or formal ensembles. You can amp up your overall look with black pumps or ankle boots to match. Midi coats will not only keep you warm as the temperature starts to drop but it will also elevate your favourite sweater outfit or jeans, resulting in an ultra-chic look without putting in much effort.

Sweater dress

You don’t have to worry about extra layers if you’re wearing a sweater dress. This wardrobe essential appears classy and gives off an aura of sophistication. If you’re trying to carry a formal look, throw in a nice blazer or an elegant pair of boots. While it’s not necessary, you can add extra layers to create a more cohesive outfit from head to toe.