The Best Leather Jacket Looks

Winter is here which means it’s time to revamp your wardrobe again. The cold breeze calls for warm colours, stylish blazers and cosy jackets. But, if you’re determined to show some attitude, the classic leather jacket is an excellent way to go. There are several ways you can style this staple apparel which means you have endless options to choose from. Here are some of our top looks.

The Biker Look

The leather biker jacket has been around for ages and is the epitome of style. Keep it classic and opt for the iconic look, pairing the jacket up with a classic white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. This casual look is perfect for day-time events and is a comfortable ensemble that’ll help battle the winter blues. Complete the look with some brown boots or opt for some worn-down sneakers, depending on the occasion.

Brown Isn’t Boring!

The brown leather jacket has made a surprising comeback and is the perfect companion for your Saturday strolls. While most men shy away from colour, brown is a comparatively safer option. Awaken your inner lumberjack by pairing your jacket with a denim or checkered shirt. This’ll give you a rugged, understated yet finished look that is likely to turn heads. You can also throw in a brown belt to match. Remember, while rocking out your new jacket, it’s essential you opt for a darker pair of jeans. The dark color will accentuate the brown color of your jacket, creating a more unified look.

Go Formal

Who said you can’t go formal with a leather jacket? Throw on dress or suit pants to show off your sartorial-savvy side.

Maybe you can also rock a tie with the outfit? Spice things up by striking a balance between classy and edgy. It’s crucial you go for a minimalist look and tone down on the accessories here. However, a classy wrist watch won’t hurt or perhaps a leather bag to match.

Urban Cool

Sometimes it pays to play by the rules of fashion. Simple black varsity leather jackets are perfect for casual occasions when you are trying to bring out an urban vibe to your outfit. Pair it up with dark bottoms and a pair of brown boots if you want to keep is masculine. For a trendier look, wear a casual T-shirt underneath and you are good to go!

Remember, let the jacket speak for itself. Avoid flashy accessories and don’t go overboard with loud trousers and funky shoes.


While most men stray away from anything that’s not black, you do not necessarily have to follow the same trend. However, it’s a good idea to stick to neutral shades that will match your wardrobe. If you’re feeling chirpy, experiment with brown hues or opt for a maroonish tone. Avoid purchasing light coloured jackets since you may have to get it cleaned more often.

Rule Book


In the end, it all comes down to style. Your jacket should be an extension of your character so make sure you opt for a garment that reflects your personality. If you are in to the classic biker look, you are better off with a biker jacket. However, if you would rather opt for a sportier look, a leather jacket with plenty of zips and studs is also a good option. Other popular types of leather jackets include:


Take the time to select the right skin for your jacket. This choice is crucial and will determine everything from looks, comfort and performance. Here’s a breakdown on the most popular skins:

• Goatskin: If you are in search of a lightweight option, goatskin in an excellent choice. The material offers a distinct pebbled appearance and is incredibly soft, making it great for cold winter days.

• Lambskin: This is the silkiest and softest option out there, however; it is not the most durable of the lot. Lambskin is popularly known for its soft texture and tends to be pricy.

• Crocodile Skin: While crocodile skin is fairly uncommon, it offers an exotic texture that is unmatchable. Because of its durability, crocodile skin comes with a hefty price tag.


When buying a leather jacket, it’s a good idea to go down your standard outwear size. When trying the jacket on, zip it up all the away, ensuring the fabric hugs you closely. You don’t want more than three inches of extra fabric on any spot. Leather has a tendency to stretch, so you don’t want a baggy jacket by the end of winter. In short, make sure the jacket offers a good fit.


Nothing is perhaps more important than the quality of the jacket. You can easily determine the quality of the jacket by recognising its grain”

• Full Grain: This refers to the leather that is made using the entire hide of the animal, including its outer skin. This means that natural pattern of the animal’s skin is not altered in the process. The appearance of scars and blemishes gives full grain its distinct appeal.

• Top Grain: Most people prefer top grain jackets because it is split from the under layers of full grain, resulting in an even surface. This also gives off a more stylish touch, not to mention, it is comfortable to wear.

Check the Finishing Touches

A leather jacket is likely to be a major investment which means you don’t want your money to go to waste. While it is true that you can replace things like buttons, buckles and zips in case it wears down, doing so can be a headache and won’t necessarily be cheap. Also, be sure to inspect the lining of the jacket. If the lining appears cheap and flimsy, the whole jacket is probably low-grade too. Good quality jackets feature impeccable stitching and don’t feature loose ends.