Shukria Pakistan! Hum jaisay bhi hain teray naam sai pehchanay jatay hain... Hum sab ko bardasht kernay ka shukria.

Shaan Shahid paid a heartfelt tribute to our homeland. And well, a much needed one!

Our polio workers are working to minimise the effects of the coronavirus because a healthy Pakistan is their greatest mission. Let play our part by vaccinating young children regularly against polio and other dangerous diseases to ensure for them a healthy, happy future.

Fahad Mustafa emphasised on the importance of getting the children vaccinated regularly from an early age, in order to eradicate polio from our country.

The internet crisis in #GilgitBaltistan is an absolute travesty, especially at a time when due to #Covid_19 most if not all forms of business have shifted online. Something needs to be done about and quick.

Farhan Saeed lends his voice after recognising the need to restore the internet connection in Gilgit Baltistan, keeping in mind how important it has become in recent times.