The Moto G 5G Plus proves that 5G phones don't have to be expensive

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There's one quality nearly all 5G phones have in common: They're expensive. It will cost you at minimum $999 to buy a Motorola Edge Plus or one of the phones from the Samsung Galaxy S20 family. Depending on the carrier, the OnePlus 8 and LG V60 are slightly less expensive ranging from $700 up to $900 respectively. And who knows how much Apple will charge for its heavily rumored iPhone 12, which is expected to have 5G. So it's a real surprise to see Motorola launch the Moto G 5G Plus, a truly affordable 5G phone. The new Moto G 5G Plus is built from the ground up to support 5G. It will be available in Europe for 349 euros (with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage) or 399 euros (with 6GB RAM and 128GB). The starting price converts to £315 or AU$565. Motorola says it's committed to releasing a sub-$500 5G in the US in the fall, but it's unclear whether that affordable 5G device is the Moto G 5G Plus, another version of it or an entirely new device.

Google's cheap Pixel 3a is sold out and discontinued

If you were in the market for a cheap Pixel phone, your options just got narrower. Google has confirmed to Android Police that it has discontinued the Pixel 3a. "Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 3a. For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3a, the product is available from some partners while supplies last," the company said in a statement. At writing time, Pixel 3a and 3a XL are still listed on Google's website, but they're marked as "out of stock." Google's Pixel 3a and 3a XL came out a year ago, offering very good value for the price of $399 and $479, respectively. And yes, we know that 2019 sounds like a century ago, but the phones were barely out a year, so we're pretty sad to see them go. This is especially so given that the Pixel 3a's successor, Pixel 4a, has reportedly been delayed several times in the past couple of months, and it still hasn't officially been announced. Right now, the only option for potential buyers that's available on Google's website is the $799 Pixel 4, which has been out for more than half a year, and doesn't offer nearly as good value as the Pixel 3a.