“When I recorded this song I thought wow I would love to shoot the video by the Pyramids. I randomly found a production company online in Cairo, immediately booked my ticket and just got on a plane and flew out there for three days. In the end they told me I couldn’t afford to shoot by the pyramids and it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; and that I should just shoot the video in Pakistan on a fake Egypt set. I was really devastated. The day I was leaving they asked me to play them the song. When they heard it they LOVED it. The lady producer said I love this song so much I will make it happen no matter (what),”

Nation-wide loved singer Haroon shares the magical moment that made the iconic single Mehbooba happen.

“Meanwhile on the social front, many are moral policing fictional characters expecting them to follow a certain moral code deeming them "acceptable." Showing such stark good/evil themes in stories is propagandist whereas, in life as in art, people are a complex mix of good and bad,”

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida actress sharing her thoughts on the need to view a drama through a lens of ‘watching a story’ and allow characters to mimic human characteristics.

“We get some Karachi rain and the seventh largest city in the world grinds to a halt. Roads flood, cars drown, people get electrocuted, power outages! Sindh Government, DHA, Cantt Board, please get your act together and resolve this now! We generate the most revenue in the country, we deserve better!”

Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress tweeted, sharing the rest of the city’s frustration with the disastrous outcome that Karachi monsoons bring.