Ushna Shah

So sad to hear of the demise of Sister Ruth last night... its people like this who really leave a void in our society’s fabric. #Darulsukoon

Farhan Saeed

The video clip of a son physically assaulting his mother makes my blood boil. I am sickened at the very thought - how can anyone even imagine harming a parent? Police must ensure the safety of the victim and her family and that justice is served.

Shaan Shahid

Happy Birthday #Nadeemsahab my prayers for the legend of Pakistan May the ALMIGHTY give you happiness, prosperity and health. #truelegend #pakfilmss


My mother-in-law teaching hubby how to perfect his cooking skills (although, he’s pretty good). She says “subko ghar ka kaam ana chahiye”, men and women both.

Sanam Saeed

Weed them out one by one. But also get to the crux of the issue. Why do we harbour so many people who feel the need to abuse children? We are catching these guys today but how are we stopping future generations from becoming another set of sick and abusive people?