‘It doesn't matter whether people refer to me as an actor or as a star’

Irrfan Khan is not one to be pleased easily. "After the fourth interview, I'm almost done, exhausted and ready to retire. It takes more effort on my part to finish the promotions than a film," the actor said. When asked if he feels pressurised by people's expectations from him as an actor, the Piku star said, "It becomes a pressure when it's not your personal need. If you also want that, you are drawn to that and you seek it. It comes naturally to you and you thrive on that. If I was only looking for masala films, and fortunately or unfortunately, I get acknowledgment in content-driven films, then it becomes a problem." He further added, "It's also because of the changing times. Indians today are eager to see their own actors doing films with diverse storytelling. The perception is definitely changing in that context.”

When asked if he is comfortable being an actor and not a star, Irrfan said, "I don't believe in all these categories. It's the compulsion for the media to give certain tags to actors. Sometimes, they just create a vocabulary and hashtags for people. It doesn't matter to me. Even if people don't call me by my own name, I am okay with it."