‘As a woman, as an artist, I feel hurt and angry’

Sanjay Leela's upcoming film Padmavati has caused an outrage among many and Deepika Padukone is deeply upset by it all. The period drama, based on a fictionalised account of the legendary Rani Padmini's life, has elicited a strong reaction from certain parties who believe that the film will tarnish the Rajput queen's image – and their latest target is Deepika. Rajasthani fringe group Karni Sena has threatened to physically harm the actress and has even announced a reward for anyone who does, following which the Mumbai Police have given her special security.

"As a woman, as an artiste, as someone who has worked and given two years of my life to this movie, I feel hurt, I feel angry, but I also think it is extremely funny that people are reacting like this to a film. I am feeling so many emotions at this point," Deepika said. She admitted that the controversy has been difficult to digest and the response is baffling. "There is a fraction out there who is doing what it is. But as I said, I have full faith in the judicial system of our country. I know no wrong will be done," continued the Piku star.