“Thank you @AOC for saying this out loud. I cried and can so relate to what you say. For me as an actress, men passing remarks and using abusive language is the norm. There’s a pattern here and it is becoming a cultural thing. They don’t realise that they have wives, mothers, daughters & sisters at home. However, this alone does not make them ‘decent’! We mustn’t give any man permission to be abusive. Today I stand up & say, “I too am someone’s daughter & I haven’t been raised to accept abuse from anyone!” If you do one thing today - listen to this!”

Mehwish Hayat is all up against the harassment culture which is deeply rooted within our society and we think that it is high time to address the issue before it is considered to be a norm.

“The actors in Pakistan need a proper actors Union. I’ve heard of ATLEAST five such incidents where the producers simply just wolf down actors wages.”

The Janaan actress expressed her concerns on forming up a proper union for actors in the country to get aware of their rights and so; none of the producers can back off from paying their due wages.

“Amazing ladies, keep rocking and thank you for making Pakistan proud. Most runs for Pakistan in Women ODIs”

Bilal Ashraf is all praises for the players of our women cricket team who played remarkable innings and made it to the list of scoring most runs for the national team in one day cricket.