Flaunt The Flare

  • 08 Jul - 14 Jul, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Who says pleated clothes and dresses with flare aren’t for curvy women?

The style game is all about balancing the silhouette, it’s all in the proportions. Peplum cut actually suits curvy women a lot because it introduces width at the hips, a problem area for those women, covering the rest of the areas with well-fitted garment. Accessorise your outfit with funky or statement traditional pieces to take the attention away from the cut of your dress. If you have long tresses, make that work in your favour in similar fashion; flaunt a heavy voluminous side braid kept in front or just leave them open in loose curls. A heavy motif in the centre of your shirt or a heavily embroidered neck is another smart way to attract attention towards specific areas of your silhouette.

Makeup: Youhana Gill
Designer: Sana Noor
Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
Photography: Salman Maqsood
Model: Mathira