Is it okay to pop blackheads? If yes, what’s the proper way to pop them?

No, it’s not okay to pop them at home. Whereas, cleaning them is very important. Blackheads and whiteheads are actually a form of mild acne vulgaris. If you experience them frequently you need to see a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will guide you about the products to be used on regular basis to prevent you from further outbreaks. We remove them at our clinics by using special tools and specialised procedures like microdermabrasion and hydrapeels. Sometimes they reduce after getting chemical peels as well.

My dad is in his 40s and he is beginning to have a balding problem. Is there any permanent treatment for this other than hair transplant?

Yes, there are certain medications and procedures that may hault the process if it has just begun. But once the follicles have miniaturised then only hair transplant will be an option. So, it’s better to visit a dermatologist at your earliest.

How or what should I do to avoid or prevent the outbreak of eczema?

The best thing you can do is to apply a moisturiser on regular basis. Steroid and antibiotic creams should be kept in reserve for the flares only.

How do we cure hypothyroid hair loss? I read that thyroxine causes hair loss in some patients. Is this true?

Thyroid hormone imbalances are one of the most important causes for hairfall. You need to maintain a eu-thyroid state for a healthy body and a healthy hair. Apart from thyroid there are several important factors that lead to hairfall. Your dermatologist will go through a proper history and clinical assessment before prescribing you any medications. Meanwhile, avoid stress and improve your diet.

Many people go to hair consultants to treat hair problems such as hair loss. Is there any self-medication process using herbs, oils, etc that we can treat hair loss at home? If yes, what should we use?

Yes, you can try certain home remedies. Studies have shown certain herbs and also caffeine has a potential to increase the blood supply of hair follicle. Oils are good for nourishing the hair, as they contain deep moisturising agents and are rich in fatty acids and minerals. Your diet should include a proper portion of protein, minerals and vitamins which are necessary for hair. Milk, poultry, fish, nuts and leafy greens are important for healthy hair, as dietary deficiencies remain one of the most important causes of hairfall in our part of the world. Keep your stress at a bay and have plenty of water. If you are following all this and still experiencing a thinning in your hair, then you need to see a dermatologist on priority basis.